As promised, here you find the recipes from my cooking demonstration. I had to hurry to get the recipes ready as promised, so please excuse that there are not photos. I will add more recipes, more information about the ingredients, where you can buy the food items, etc.


A fast and easy recipe to impress your guests, serve them on a platter with tooth-picks or on small slices of bread.

Depending on if you like to grill or to cook, You can adapt that recipe to the grill very easy. One of my favorite foods is grilled shrimps. I will talk about the difference at the end of the page.

On the cooking demonstration I used peeled shrimp as it would have been difficult to eat them for you if you had to peel them. Please note that the shrimp taste better if you cook them with the shells on. If you have guests, you should, however, serve them peeled as they are easier to eat. Again, cooking is not a science, but an art. If you see a recipe and you do not have all ingredients or there are some, you do not like, adapt the recipe to your wants or needs. YOU are the boss and select the ingredients, NOT the cook-book author. Ingredients: